With the increasing amount of data that our customers have been using when overseas, we offer cost efficient data packs that make using data overseas easier than ever before.

You are able to select the pack size and the zone you will be travelling in, so that you can purchase a data pack that best suits your needs.

A data pack will give you a set amount of data for a set price. This means that there is a fixed cost for a certain quantity of data - for example 100MB, 150MB, 250MB or more.

The data pack will be valid for you to use for 30 days after you have purchased it.

You can login to your account online and purchase a data pack in the zone(s) that you are travelling to.

Note: If you travel outside the zone you have selected you will be charged a normal pay as you go data rate.

Yes, you can use your iPad. 


You’ll just need to set up the data settings, there are two ways of doing this:


Downloading the data configuration file

You can either do this by downloading the data configuration file to your iPad from the activation email that is sent after you have activated the SIM card.

Step 1: Insert the Global SIM

Step 2: Access your emails and find the one we have sent you

Step 3: Open the file attached to this email

Step 4: Agree to the installation and it will be complete


Manual Setup

If you are experiencing issues downloading this file you can instead manually set up your device for data by going to Settings > Cellular/Mobile > Access Point Name (APN) and change the Cellular/Mobile APN to: globaldata 


Ensure that globaldata is written as one word, all lower case. You can leave the username and the password blank.


Please also ensure that you have Data Roaming ON when you wish to access data. This should be located under Settings > General > Mobile Data/Cellular Data > Data Roaming ON/OFF.

Unfortunately, we do not support data in all countries. This is due to high charges that we don’t want to forward onto you. 


If you’re travelling to a country that does not support data, we recommend you call your accommodation to check if they provide Wi-Fi services.

When you first receive your Global SIM there is no data available. If you do not set up the data settings on your device, the Global SIM will not be able to access data. 

To switch it ON you will need to follow the instructions and install the data settings on your device. 

You can avoid any excess data charges by ensuring you switch data roaming OFF after each data session. You’ll need to go into your settings and switching data roaming off after you have used data on your phone.

To switch data roaming OFF


On an iPhone:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down to find Cellular/ mobile 

Step 3. Switch 'Data Roaming' OFF


On an Android:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your device 

Step 2. Find Wireless and Networks 

Step 3. Then click on Mobile Networks 

Step 4. Look for Data Roaming and disable the function


Using all other mobiles:

Step 1. On the main Menu of your device, find Settings

Step 2.  Look for the option Mobile Network or Connectivity

Step 3.  Scroll down until you can find the option to switch Data Roaming OFF. 

To be able to access data on your device, you will first need to save the Global SIM Data Setting and then turn Data Roaming On.

For iPhones:
Step 1: Insert your Global SIM
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi
Step 3: Dial *172# and click on the link in the text message that you receive

For all other phones:
Step 1: Insert your Global SIM
Step 2: Dial *172# and click on the link in the text message that you receive 

For iPads and manual data set up for iPhones:
Step 1: Insert your Global SIM
Step 2: Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile > Cellular/Mobile Data Networks and change the Cellular/Mobile APN to: globaldata

Ensure globaldata is written as one word, all lower case. You can leave the username and the password blank.

For Android tablets or manual data setup for Android phones:
Step 1: Insert your Global SIM
Step 2: Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Name 
Step 3: Create a new Access Point Name (APN) by either clicking on the + symbol or by clicking on the menu button on your handset and select Add APN or New APN
Step 4: Create a new APN and type the following into the APN settings:

Name: globaldata
APN: globaldata
Username: (blank)
Password: (blank)

Step 5: Save the new details and ensure they’re selected. 

Note: Regardless of how you have set up your data, you will still need to enable Data Roaming to be able to access the internet on your device

Important: When you do not wish to use data, we recommend that you turn data roaming OFF to avoid being charged for data using features such as emails, Whatsapp, app updates, etc.

When purchasing a Data Pack you will have the option to apply this Data Pack to a SIM immediately or to receive a voucher code. You can opt to receive a voucher code if you have not received your SIM yet or if you are not travelling within the next few days.

Once you purchase the data pack you will receive an SMS and/or an email with the voucher details. You should keep your voucher number in a safe place as you can only apply this once. Note that this voucher is non-refundable.

To apply this voucher:

Step 1: Log in to your account online at covermore.com/sim

Step 2: In the main account dashboard you will notice a box with your unallocated purchases.

Step 3: Select which type of voucher you have purchased from the options.

Step 4: You can now allocate that voucher to a SIM of your choosing.

Note: If you cannot see your unallocated purchases, please select the SIM that you wish to use your voucher on. You will see a “Data Pack” menu at the top of your ‘My Account’ area. You will then see a tab “Use Voucher”. Select the tab and paste in your Data Pack voucher code. 

The data rates will depend on the country that you are travelling to. To view the full data rates please click here. 

Please note that we do not support data in every country that we allow calls and texts. 

Data rates are displayed by per MB basis however, we will charge your account per 10KB to help reduce any credit wastage. 

You can also purchase data packs for your data needs, these will help you save even more. Click here to check out the data packs available. 
The Notifications view lets you see all of your alerts. These notifications can use your data without you knowing. 

To ensure that you are only using the data that you need, it is possible to switch these notifications off in your phone settings. 

On an iPhone:
Step 1. Go to Settings> Notifications
Step 2. Select which apps you would like to turn off. 

On an Android:
Step 1. Go to Settings> More > Application manager
Step 2. Select the app you would like to turn off
Step 3. Un-tick 'show notifications' box 

Zones outline a selection of countries where a data pack can be used in.

Data packs give you access to data at a lower cost than using data at a pay-as-you-go rate. Not all countries have access to data and some countries may only have a pay-as-you-go rate. You will only be able to use your data pack in the countries that your zone allows. 


Note: If you roam outside of your zone you will be charged a normal pay as you go rate.

To use data you need to set up the data settings on your device and switch data roaming ON. 

We advise that you switch Data Roaming OFF when data is not in use, so that you’re not being charged without your knowledge. 


Please also note that we do not support data in all countries. You should check the availability and rates for each country you are travelling to. Check rates and coverage