We focus on what matters

Cover-More is Australia's leading provider of travel insurance and emergency assistance.
We think we are pretty good at what we do and that's because we focus on what matters – You.

If you need help overseas, we will know exactly what to do. We won't waste time. We can bring you home if that's what
is needed. Or find the nearest hospital or medical facility that we trust to look after you.

With your Global SIM, you will be able to call us on a pre-programmed emergency assistance number.

We're here




days a week

And we will know how to help

We want travellers to experience more

We introduced a Global SIM because we know that many Australians leave their mobile phones at home for fear of excessive phone bills when they return home.

We know Australian travellers are avid mobile users - so why should your trip be compromised because you can't or won't use your phone or tablet overseas? Why should you give up Facebook and Twitter? Why shouldn't you be able to access Google Maps, Urbanspoon or Yelp when in a foreign city? Why shouldn't you be able to phone loved ones at home when you want to?

We want travellers to roam for less

Our Global SIM works in over 190 countries. We will tell you before you activate your SIM if we can't offer you quality, inexpensive coverage where you are going. We have partnered with local and international mobile network providers to ensure we can offer extensive, low cost and reliable global roaming to Cover-More customers.

Fast facts about Cover-More

We insure more than


1.6 million

travellers every year

We save lives



travellers call us for
emergency assistance every year


We medically evacuate an Australian traveller every day

Our Office

Cover-More Head Office
Level 2, 60 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Cover-More Postal Address
Cover-More Insurance Services, Private Bag 913,
North Sydney, NSW 2059


Insurance Enquiries: 1300 72 88 22
Global SIM Support: 1300 410 130

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